Sherwood Trust Project

We are a team of 23 persons selected from Prescott, Waitsburg and Dayton to develop a strong foundation of leaders. The focus of this team is to encourage unity and enhance the vitality of our rural communities. Our project, the Touchet Valley Unity Wall, will be an opportunity for people of all ages to collaborate on a project that provides an outlet for artistic expression, promotes community pride and makes a connection between the three rural communities.

We will build the Touchet Valley Unity Wall of artistic tiles and engraved bricks. A portion of the wall will be in each community, created by community members, encouraging intergenerational involvement. Each section of wall will be in a visible, accessible location. Our expected date of completion is October 1, 2006. The funding for this project is a combination of money raised by the Touchet Valley Leadership project and a generous donation of matching funds by the Sherwood Trust, the group sponsor. Engraved bricks are currently being sold by the Leadership Group. An order form for that purpose may be printed here.. Word Document or PDF

The artistic tiles will be prepared by any one who would like to design and prepare a tile. There will be sites set up in each of the three communities to prepare tiles and celebrate. If you need more specific information, call Becky at 337-6187 or Libby at 849-2621.

Our hope is that this project will be a catalyst to define the true meaning of unity. We plan to do this through beautification, tourist appeal, and the cooperative effort our communities make to accomplish their goal.